What You Need To Know About Botox

If you have unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face, you have a few different options to get rid of them. A popular choice is Botox, which uses an injection that contains a toxin called botulinum toxin. It is injected into a muscle in your face, which then blocks the nerve impulse that usually causes the muscle to contract. This allows the skin to appear smoother and lines and wrinkles relax as well. Here are some things you should know before getting Botox.

Who can get Botox?

Most people are able to get Botox safely and effectively. The best candidate is someone showing early signs of aging, who has frown lines that create a sad or angry look, or for someone who is not able to get a more invasive cosmetic procedure. To get Botox, you must also be in good health and stop taking certain medications, as they could increase bleeding and bruising. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should not get Botox. If you have an infection, you should get it resolved before getting the injection.

Are there are risks?

Like all procedures, there are some minor risks and complications associated with getting Botox. These risks include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Drooping of the eyelid
  • Localized pain or numbness
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Reduced blinking
  • Infection

What is the recovery process like?

In most cases, you are able to go back to your normal activities right away. However, you should be aware of potential swelling or bruising of the injection site. You might also have some redness, bleeding, and mild discomfort for a day or two. If this lasts longer than a couple days, see your doctor. You should also see your doctor if you have a fever or severe pain, as this could be a sign of an infection.

Who can perform Botox?

If you want to get Botox, you can either go to a licensed cosmetic surgeon or get the procedure done by a dental office like Glenmore Family Dental Care. Many dentists now perform cosmetic procedures, including Botox injections.

How long do the results last?

After you get the Botox injections, expect to wait up to a week before you see the full effects of the injections. Once this occurs, the results usually last a few months. In order to maintain the results, you will need to return to the dentist or cosmetic surgeon for additional injection treatments.