What You Need To Know About Ultra Suction Dentures

Do you hate denture adhesives? Ultra suction dentures are a great option for many people due to their unique valve system. This valve system ensures you don't need denture adhesive to keep your dentures in place. Knowing the facts about ultra suction dentures will give you the ability to make an informed choice about your dental care.

How Ultra Suction Dentures Work

Ultra suction dentures adhere to your mouth using a valve system. When you insert your dentures and apply pressure, air is pushed out between your dentures and your gums through two valves. This negative air pressure forms a secure hold that doesn't require dental adhesive to keep in place. There are no surgeries to get fitted for these dentures. All you have to do is make an appointment with a denturist and have a mould taken of your teeth. If you have an existing set of dentures they can be relined with an ultra suction valve system.

How To Care For Ultra Suction Dentures

Cleaning an ultra suction denture isn't much different from cleaning a normal style denture. The only real difference is when cleaning an ultra suction denture you have to make sure you clean the denture's suction chamber. Food debris can become stuck within the chamber so you should rinse it thoroughly with water every day. For more thorough cleanings you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. They are able to more thoroughly clean and sanitize the valves and suction chamber.

In addition to being simple to clean, there are a few additional care benefits to suction dentures. The first being the suction technique of these dentures prevents bad breath and denture odors. This is because there are no adhesives for food particles to get stuck in. Also, due to the strength of the suction hold, you can eat just about anything without fear of damaging your dentures.

Eligibility For An Ultra Suction Denture

If you're interested in an ultra suction denture you should speak with a denturist to learn more about your denture options. Ultra suction dentures are seen as an alternative to implant dentures because they are more affordable. There may be limitations on your eligibility for a suction denture based on the remaining bone density of your jaw. Without the minimum amount of bone density, the denture will be unable to adhere and won't be able to perform well. However, you should ask your denturist to see if ultra suction dentures may be right for you.