The Dentist And Your Heart: A Few Things You Need To Know

It might seem strange, but there is a direct connection between your dental care and heart disease. If you suffer from any form of heart disease it is important to let your dentist know; there maybe a few things you need to do to prepare for a dental visit. In addition, if yo have developed gum disease, or have an excessive amount of tartar or plaque, an appointment with your primary care physician is a good idea. He or she will decide if you need to see a cardiologist. Here is a bit of information that will help you to understand the connection between your dentist and your heart and how to proceed.

Existing Heart Problems

While it is important that your dentist know all the medical conditions and drugs that you take for them. If you have had a heart attack and need to use blood-thinning medications, it is especially important. This will allow your dentist to prepare for extra bleeding during your treatment. In addition, your dentist will need to work with an anesthesia that does not contain epinephrine for certain heart conditions, such as high blood pressure. You do not want to stimulate the heart too much if it cannot handle it and epinephrine does just that. If you or your child has a heart murmur, you may be told to be sure to take an antibiotic before having any dental work done. This is only necessary if there is a known problem with the heart or one of the valves-- any bacteria from the mouth can travel to the heart and cause an infection.

Periodontal Disease Causing Heart Problems

While bacteria from the mouth is more likely to cause an infection if there is already damage to the heart – as discussed above about a hear murmur – this bacteria can also cause infections in the heart. As the bacteria travel through the heart vessels the vessels can become inflamed, leading to atherosclerosis, making it harder for the blood to move through them. The will result in a lack of oxygen to both the heart and the brain, causing damage and possible a stroke.

Even though you may think skipping out on flossing your teeth is not a big deal, and the only thing you may end up with is a cavity, that is not the truth. Any time you have bacteria in your mouth, there is a chance it can travel to your heart. For more information, contact a company like East Mall Family Dental Dentist.