The Dentist And Your Heart: A Few Things You Need To Know

It might seem strange, but there is a direct connection between your dental care and heart disease. If you suffer from any form of heart disease it is important to let your dentist know; there maybe a few things you need to do to prepare for a dental visit. In addition, if yo have developed gum disease, or have an excessive amount of tartar or plaque, an appointment with your primary care physician is a good idea. [Read More]

Mouth Rinses: What They Treat And How To Find The Right One

Are you embarrassed to be in close proximity to co-workers, or do you hesitate to kiss your spouse because of bad breath? Do your teeth feel slimy or sticky, and do you notice yellow deposits around your gums? Maybe it's time to look into using a mouth rinse. Here are is some information about what mouth rinses treat and how to find the right one for you: Why Should You Use a Mouth Rinse? [Read More]